Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We continue on our trip....

We continue on our trip.
The country really has changed now.
 Mt Hood from the East side. Still some trees can be seen. More Pine forest now than the Firs on the West side.

 Looking East up the Gorge.
 Rugged cliffs and fishing boats, and the train tracks. This would be the Oregon side of the river.
 Another tunnel.
 Wind surfers.
 Mt. Hood again. Getting dryer.
 We are at about the half way point here, where we turn to head North.
 Rolling grasslands now.
 A different look to Mt. Hood.
 Hubby got a text, so we pulled over here to return the text.  There used to be a huge water fall here on the river, untill Bonneville, The Dalles, and John day Dams were built.
 This used to be a fishing destination spot for the Native Indians. Now it is all under water. A few years ago they actually lowered the river far enough to expose the falls.
Looking East, where I believe the falls are/were.
 Looking West down river.
 Hubby texting LOL
 As soon as you leave the Columbia Gorge National Scenic area, you start to see these. This is in Oregon.
 And they show up on the hills above the highway on the Washington side.
 Maryhill Museum. Wonderful art gallery. Maryhill Museum website You would have to find the complete story on the website, but from what I remember, Maryhill built this house for his bride, she took one look at it and thought it was horrendous and would never live there. There is also Maryhill Winery nearby, have yet to try the wine! LOL
 The intersection coming up to our North bound part of the trip. Lots of wind mills.
 We have a Stonehenge here in Washington. It is a neat memorial.
 More wind mills, these things are HUGE!  We see them every once and awhile on the highway. One arm of the mill takes up a two flatbed long semi trailer! It is amazing!
 Kinda sureal.
 Mt. Adams in Washington. We are now headed North, going through Goldendale, Wa.
 Flat grass lands, lots of dryland alfalfa and hay here.

Here I will end this post, at our halfway point.

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