Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trail ride!!!

I finally got to go on a trail ride with Emma!!! We went to Battle Ground Lake here in SW Washington. After my Farrier friend looked at her and said I should use her.  I am happy happy happy to report, that she didnt take a wrong step for all of our ride!! I am so happy!! Will have to go see if she is as sore as I am this morning though!! LOL
 Following Judy and Carol. I forgot to put my memory card in my camera, so I was stuck putting a dozen pics on the hard memory. It is so slow it take awful pics without the fast card. But I got a few!!
Judy and Marry Ann.
 Carol had to pee!! LOL LOL  Isnt Emmas mane crazy! LOL It just adds to her character for me. I have thought about roaching it off but I kinda like it, LOL. They are sure shedding out and getting their Winter fuzzys on!!!
 Marry Ann.
 Time to get back on! She led Jazzy over to a picnic table and got on. Jaz is so good. There is that crazy mane again! LOL If I band it it looks OK, but that is a lot of work!!!
 Back on.
 Judy and Mary Ann. Judy on her Fox Trotter, Rhythm, and Mary Ann on her "garage sale horse" LOL I dont remember the mares name, but dang can that horse walk out!! We were riding four different breeds of horse! Rocky Mtn., Fox Trotter, Appaloosa, and Paint.
 We rode for 3 hours, went around the lake 3+ times and some side trails! LOL
I am so happy with Emma. She has only been ridden twice this year, once in May, then she hurt herself. Once in July. She was perfect! So good, I love my little spotted pony!!


  1. Oh, I'm so happy that you got to go riding...sure does a body good, doesn't it? *sigh* Horses are so amazing! Very cool that your group represented all those different breeds. What lake did you guys ride around? Can't wait until I get to try out my new horse, Eagle. We're getting close!

  2. Oops, LOL, I forgot to say where we went!!

    Battle Ground Lake in SW Washington.

    I will fix that!

  3. Looks like fun! I am back on the trail again too... Just about to head over to my own blog to post about it. ;o)

  4. Emma doesnt look to sore today, yay!!! I am though!! LOL LOL
    Hosed all the scuz off of her when it warmed up at noon. She enjoyed eating grass after.

  5. How fun!! Happy to hear that Emma wasn't sore! Looks like you all had a lovely time!!

  6. That is so awesome! You have such pretty trails to ride on, too! So how did Emma keep up with the gaited horses? My mare is very slow and we just can't ride with gaited horses that always want to keep a fast pace. My mare gets cranky when I make her keep a fast pace for an entire ride. She's like me and enjoys just moseying along enjoying the scenery. lol!

    I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy a nice ride with Emma and your friends.


  7. Yeah Lisa we did a fair amount of trotting catch up! LOL
    Funny thing was, Mary Anns mare, the black and white paint, she out walked them all! She led most of the way, and boy can that mare move out!
    Emma got tired towards the end of our ride.


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