Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canning, Dahlias and my silly pony

Hubby and I have been canning. Yesterday I picked 101 ears of corn out of our garden and we shucked, blanched and cut it all off of the cob. Last Week I picked 48 ears and we canned the first batch. It turned out good, so we did the rest!!
 I am dreading the first freeze. This is my Jokers Wild Dahlia. So far I have only had it produce 3 blooms. Two like this and one with a side white spot.
 This is one of my favorites, it also has random dark spots, to just streaks to solid burgundy.
 This one is small and delicate.

 And my silly pony, she was begging, thinking I was picking something good to eat, or asking for apples.
 Pissy look LOL She really wanted apples, I think.
 The old mare, she cant eat apples anymore, or cookies, I think they hurt her teeth now. So I will soak some for her with her grain once and awhile. Our pasture is dormant right now. We need a little rain to green it up.
 Dont you just love the look. She is waiting patiently!! LOL
 She kept talking to me too, not so patiently!
 This is my favorite color so far!!
 Dinner plate!!
 Lots of reds!
 Creamy white to yellow center.
 More random streaks.
 Someone got impatient, and decided she would pick her own apples. LOL She is getting really good at it this time of year. She grabs the branches and pulls and shakes until she hears one fall.

 I think she had already gotten some today and none were falling. I took pitty on her and rolled a couple under the fence. Spoiled brat! LOL
 And the Boss and his Helper. (someone asked me which was which, LOL, sometimes thats debatable!!)
We ended up with 47 pints of fresh picked and canned corn!!! Told Hubby we had enough to have one a week! LOL
Its a good feeling to have tilled, planted the seeds and grown it, watered it, weeded it, and finally harvest and preserve it, yourself.


  1. Yummy corn and beautiful flowers , all that and Beautiful Emma, perfect

  2. Wonderful pictures! Flowers are gorgeous

  3. You've got a good selection of dahlias there! They are my favorite flower, too, and I also dread the first frost.

  4. Talk about having a green thumb! You must be quite the gardener. Those flowers are more unique and interesting than what I've seen in public gardens.


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