Friday, September 7, 2012

Hubbys surgery

Still at he hospital. Hubbys surgery was good, although doc said it was one of the worse ones he has seen.The "good"tendon was split in four places. The ruptured one is inflamed and they are both thickened. He repaired the splits and sewed the ruptured one to the split one. These two tendons work to gether so they should work normaly. We will go home soon.
He wouldnt let me take a picture.
Typing this on my i phone.

Update:  Well he stayed at the hosp. overnight, nausea wasnt settling and we also couldnt stop for pain meds that late. So he said he was staying. At least he will get his meds on time, I hope :0/
They moved him around 8:30 and when I left around 9:40 he still didnt have a gown on, and he still had the bloody sheet on him from the surgery!  So, good wife that I am, I found a gown and put it on him and a clean sheet and tucked him in. I hope they brought him something to eat, he still had not eaten more than 3 crackers and some 7up, since 6pm Thurs night :o(
I spent so much time in the hosp. I now have short patience for those kind of things!
Comfort first and all the computer crap later! I swear all the nurses spend soooo much time on computers anymore. (sorry to any nurses out there).

Oh and I got lost trying to find the truck. Bad enough I felt like I was going to have a panic attack! And I dont think I have ever had one! I left Hubbys room on the 5th floor of the hosp., had to walk across a sky bridge. I wanted the ground floor, where we came in, so I pushed one on the elevator. NO truck. So I pushed 2 on the elevator. NO truck. Hmmmm. After walking down the stairs and back up the elevator. Really.  On leval 3, I finally found it, after riding the elevator and several flights of stairs, and realizing I didnt go to a high enough floor, gahhhhh.  (yeah thats as confused as I was, (shakes head) I went back to Hubbys room to take him his phone, and told him I was not good without him! hmmmph.  dont know why it was so difficult, other that I was tired, and I didnt pay a lot of attention going in. I will make notes on my phone in the future, or take pics!! LOL LOL I need my other half.

Hubby on the phone, an his new ride!! LOL


  1. Thanks for the update and glad he'll be going home soon!

  2. Ouch. I hope he recovers quickly. It's hard having a presence of mind when your routine gets thrown off kilter by something like this.

  3. Hope things get easier for you soon. Glad hubbies surgery was successful.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Yeah Nuz, I just was so frustrated!!

  5. Got him home, fed and meds given.
    Hope he heals fast! LOL

  6. I'm so glad that your hubby came through surgery ok and is on the mend. But wow! That was a lot of damage for an injury that wasn't caused by major trauma. Ouch!
    And good on your for tucking him and getting him all comfortable and clean. How nice that he was allowed to spend the night. I've never had a Dr allow me to do that after surgery, and after I had my ACL surgery, I begged to not have to travel home, but the basically threw me out..and boy was I in horrible pain....yes late at night and feel sick, too.

    I hate the misplaced vehicle experience, too. It's so stressful, but easy to do with those different levels and parking garages.


  7. Glad to hear the surgery went well and that he is home! I have been through 2 surgeries (lung surgery and knee surgery) so I know how he feels. It is so hard. Hope he heals up quick!!
    Hospitals can be so confusing, but I got so used to them by being in them so often for awhile. I also know all about anxiety attacks. I get them and they are not fun!!


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