Thursday, September 13, 2012

Headed up to the pass, through the Yakima Indian Reservation.
 Rolling grassy hills.
 Range horses near a coral, dont know if they are actually wild or not, there are a lot of loose horse herds on the reservation.
 Some herds up on the hill. Keep in mind these picks are at 60 MPH! LOL out the window!

 Going down the pass into Toppenish.
 There is a lot of corn fields here!!
 Toppenish! I tried to get pics of all the water towers we passed! The Branding Iron restaurant below! LOL
 Toppenish, city of Murals! This is at a stop light as you get to the center of town.
 Picture of the hills, and how green it is where it is irrigated! and brown beyond.
 Apple trees, there are a lot of Apple trees too!! Galas were what was in the roadside stands right then.
 I dont remember the name of this river, but it dumps into the Yakima river. All I did notice was that it wasnt the Yakima.
 Territorial view.
 Headed down the pass between Yakima and Ellensburg.
 Somewhere is this view is my cousins place!
 Some pretty mtns to the North of Ellensburg!
Well we made it there!
More to come!

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