Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last trip photos, on the way home

We left Ellensburg around 11Am, and our first stop was a produce stand that my cousin had told us about.
 Just about everything you could want!! Squash, tomatos, apples, every kind of pepper you could think of!
 Potatos, onions, watermelon! We bought 10lbs of Candy Sweet onions, that were really good!!! and a box of Jalapenos. We canned both of them.
 Pretty bell peppers.
 The cashier girl had a little 3 mo. old Chihuahua puppy, she was so cute! and do tiny!!
 This is the stand that we stopped at, out in the middle of the pepper fields.
 And back on the road up over the pass, and through the Yakima Indian Reservation. More horses!
 A dust devil.
 There were horses everywhere!
 Not to bad for going 60mph down the highway!

 Descending down into the Pine trees.
 Back down to the Columbia River and Mt. Hood, looking West. A big barge is coming up river.
 Lots of wind surfers and sail boarders out!
 This is rugged rocky country.
 Still very dry and wind blown.
 (through the windshield)

 There were a lot of them out on the river!
 This is one of the few remnants of the Broughton Flume. It is an old log flume that went for miles and mile at one time. An episode of Lassie was once filmed on the flume.
 A few fisherman were out too. It was a very windy day.

 Tum Tum Mtn. Almost to Stevenson Wa.
 And back into the Fir trees and bush of the West side of the state.
 Almost home. It has been really dry here. No rain for 40 some days. We have had a few little showers at the house and one day of a heavy foggy mist. We need rain soon, I am sure it will come soon!
We got home, puppies were glad to see us! Good to be home. We had a fun time visiting!!


  1. My mom used to live right on the Washington Oregon border, and I loved being able to visit and pick up so much wonderful produce. She had wonderful trees in her yard, and the produce stands were amazing. We don't grow much here in WY, except cow ponies I guess!
    Thanks for the pics!

  2. I love visiting Eastern Wa., and getting fresh produce!! Sweet onions!! this time of year!!


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