Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Enjoying the Fair and something I havnt seen before!

We walked around and looked at the little critters, like this little guinea pig.
Found a rabbit in a hammock. LOL
And the something I have never seen before!!! A pig, obstacle course!!!!  Right side....
Left side. You can follow the white chalk lines. It was pretty entertaining!!!

And grrrr blogger will not let me upload the video!!! I will keep trying! and post it if successful. 

More water towers!!
Lukes Mom and Dad coming out of the piggy barn.
More ribbons for Luke!
A nice looking lamb.
Black Eyed Susans.
Luke riding the bronze pig!! LOL
Cute little entertainment stage.
These wonderful murals were on the wall of the arena.

Med and Sheriff room!
Luke got his iced coffee.
Creek?? This intrigued me!
This creek runs under the blacktop in front of the arena!! It was full of water too! Wow We could never do this on this side of the mtns. We have way to much water!!
Luke got to show against all the other 4-Hers that won Best in Showmanship. Here he is showing lambs, he is the one in the red shirt.
and a Steer,
And a Horse, he has the Paint in the middle,
and goats! Then he went back and showed his pig again! He did well but there is only one winner!
And our day was done, and our visit to the fair.
We headed home. With a stop on the way!

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