Friday, July 1, 2011


Horse sexually assaulted

This has happened here locally, Sick sick sick.
How could someone do this??


  1. That turns my stomach so hard. WTH is wrong with people?!?!
    I've run people out of my pens before (mostly stupid neighbor kids, whose parents I then spoke to) but I promise, if I ever caught someone in the act... unspeakable things would happen to them before the cops got here. For sure.
    In the meantime I'll pray for those folks and their horses. What a sick, sick thing to have happen.

  2. OH Mikey, this disgusts me in so many ways. It is a teenage girl that found the horse in a bad state, blood running down her legs etc. She is so traumatized she cant even talk about it! From what I under stand it was really similar to the Virgina story.
    ONe guy commented that shooting the perp was to good, he should be tied between 4 horses and pulled limb from limb. I agree!!

  3. Oh! How horrible!! This makes me ill! I will never understand how people can be so cruel!

  4. I've heard about these things happening breaks my heart for the horse, depresses me, and scares me for human kind.

  5. Oh Gad!!! I found out last night that this happened to friends of ours!!! They are not letting the public know yet who it happend to, but she private messaged me last night to tell me. They were on vacation in Cabo and had someone taking care of the horses while they were gone!!

  6. Horrific! I read on a website, that pinpointed certain characteristics with specific US states, that the PNW was known for Bestiality.
    New Mexico is known for being anti-social, which is pretty accurate.
    That's so sad for the horses involved in such an act, though. :(



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