Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on Stanley the giraffe #2

From this....

To this!!
Its been a long project, and a good learning experience. His legs moved a little as the load was put on it, if I do it again I would brace the legs a little better. All I can figure is some of the tape came loose inside, may use screws next time and some kind of strap.

Here is a close up of his spots.

Close up of his face. I also learned that they have three horns, not two! LOL

and a view from the back. Learned that giraffes are really stupid looking animals! LOL LOL
 I found some fringe for his mane and tail.

I am pretty happy with how he turned out, cant wait to show you all what he looks like on the float!!!! I made a few other critters too, three monkeys, and a parrot, they are only 2-D though. The Parade is July 23rd! coming up fast.

Here is the rest of the crew!


  1. Amazing!!! I am impressed! You've got some serious talent, girlfriend!

    I've always liked giraffes. They remind me of very tall horses. Had no idea they had three horns, though.


  2. That turned out so good!! They have 3 horns? I didn't know that... (I'll be looking next time I go to the zoo, lol) Very cool, can't wait to see the float!


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