Sunday, July 24, 2011

Parade Day Saturday the 23rd....

Finally Parade day!!! All of our work has come together.
This is about half of the kidlets that rode in the back of the truck! They are holding the signs from one of our sponsors that loaned all the plants, and for the barn.
 Left front view, you can see Pete the Python! I think there is just the right amount of plants.
I didnt get any pics except this one of the first place float, behind us, I was to busy tweeking and messing with stuff as long as I could, cuz thats how I am! LOL
 Left rear corner we had a Tiki man. Anyone catch THE END symbolism? LOL LOL
 The END, LOL Vulture, cow skull, there even is a little alligator skull!! LOL LeAnn picks up the darndest things from garage sales! LOL All of the greenery around the edge of the float was a $5 garage sale find!
 Stanley the giraffe! and the Zebra that was loaned! We placed most of the grasses around them and the larger plants front and back. The Right front view.
 Most of the kidlets, waiting and waiting, in the back of the truck.
 Here is the Parrot I painted, and Bro in law in the background.
 Right side back view.
 We won second place in the Parade! For the second year in a row!!! All the kids and LeAnn showing off the 2nd place plaque that she got!! Georgia Pacific won first place, again! LOL They had a giraffe too!

We set up behind this colorful and full of chickens and turkeys, 4-H float!
 This old man was walking the parade route selling cotton candy!! LOL
 Hubby had fun driving, for his first time in a parade!
 We followed a firetruck during the route.
The parade was great fun, and it was fun getting second place again! LOL There are always a lot of people at Camas days. This year was no exception! After the parade was over we had to go park and tear it all apart again. Bro in law and LeAnn took all the plants back, and we met back up at the house to drop the trailer. LeAnn has her "Horse Camp" with all her barn kids this week, so she will be busy busy!!
Hope you enjoyed the float! I think it turned out great.


  1. You definitely put more effort into your parade prep than we do! I think it takes us about an hour to get ready :) But the effort is worth it - the float looks great.

  2. Hooray! I love a parade! Were there any horses or tractors? Your hubby looked like he was having a blast!
    Such an awesome float. I would have voted for you all to win FIRST place! Sounds like such a fabulous day for everyone!


  3. Very cool! Your float turned out awesome :)


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