Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A normal quiet evening feeding the girls....

This would be dinner! Which they were eagerly awaiting. Mick and Emma always talk to me on my way out to the barn.
 I trimmed Easys feet earlier today, she was just a little long, but now that she is older she was a little trippy with me when I rode her yesterday. Hoof parings and hair and dirt! I also clipped her bridle path, legs and chin, and combed out her tail and mane. She got the works, except for a bath!!!! LOL
 Miss Emma, my girl is looking pretty good. Getting whiter every year and dare I say it!!! She is starting to get liver spots!!! in her flanks! LOL
 And fatso Mickey, she has always been the easiest keeper even at 22. Its just to bad she is so lame now.
 Easy coming to the gate for her dinner. I separate her because she is the only one to get grain.
 She is still a good looking old girl for 26!!! I still cant believe she is that old!!! She is the same age as my oldest son. That means we have had this mare for 22 years, my Dad and Mom bought her when she was 4.
 Here are her pretty toes!!! LOL She is a 00, double ought, shoe size, not that she has had shoes on in years! Meghan competed her for two years in WASET barefoot!!! I am proud of that!!!!
 She is the only one to get grain/mash, I have to wet it or she drops it all over, she still drops it wet, but not as bad. Senior feed, Golden Senior.
Oh! I bought myself a new pair of boots too! With some of the money I earned from selling my extra stuff on consignment. They are Justins and a winter weight water proof boot. They are pretty comfortable! I havnt bought new boots for like 10 years!!! My old lace ups were getting pretty tired! I love the deco saddle on these, thats what I wanted on my new boots!!! 
Well thats an evening out to feed the mares, I will take you along again sometime!!!


  1. Beautiful horses! And congrats on the new boots! I have a bunch of stuff I need to sell to consignment!

  2. I rode Easy again Wed. night. She is so good, she would be one worth cloning!!!
    Meghan is supposed to come out Thurs. morning with a friend and ride.

  3. They all look nice, love the boots .I am going to have a tack/garage sale to get rid of a few extras around here too

  4. Easy looks fabulous for a 26-year-old! My horse already has a saggy back and belly at 20, although I have to say he does look pretty good this year. And I love those boots.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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