Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deer in the yard....

We had visitors in the yard yesterday. I just caught them out of the corner of my eye when I headed out to feed the horses. So I ran and grabbed by camera.

Peek a boo, I see you!! LOL

 Now I kinda see you! LOL
 There you are.
This little guy was still on the other side of the fence. He is trying to bite an apple, took him awhile to finally chomp down on it!!

 Sheesh the electric fence didnt even faze him. The center line isnt hot, only the top and bottom. Maybe it should be!
 This is why they are called Black tailed deer. There are four species of deer in Washington. The Black tail being the most common, there are Mule deer on the East side of the state, and also White tails, and down close to the coast in a protected area we have a small population of Columbia White tails.
I ran back into the house because I forgot the memory chip for the camera, left it in the computer. While I was inside something spooked them, maybe the fence bit the little guy! LOL LOL But they came right back.

 They had a good old time munching on the apple trees. This doesnt bother me because they need a good pruning.
 Funny how she kept an eye on me.
And I finally got a good look at the little guys future horns. He looks like he will be a small forked horn.
I went out to feed and I had to fill the water trough. While I was waiting for that, the little brats got into my garden, such as it is, LOL. So I had to chase them away, which was easier said than done! They were not really afraid of me, I had to throw stones at them to get them to leave.

Easy was watching them too! LOL the other two were busy waiting for their dinner, or they probably would have chased them away! Easy well, she is non confrontational and pretty soon she turned around and went back to her herd mates! LOL Usually the horses keep them ran off, but we have new neighbors and the old place where they would feed under the neighbors fruit trees is now fenced off. I bet we will be seeing more of them!!! I dont mind, as long as they stay out of the garden and roses!!!!


  1. Beautiful! I wish we had more deer here, but it's rare to see one. I grew up with them and I miss them. Nice to see them in your yard :)

  2. We see deer all the time here in WI. They do over run many gardens.

    Watch the apple trees, they may decide to more than prune them.

    Great pictures by the way!

  3. yeah Val they can ring a tree and kill it when they start rubbing the velvet off of their horns.
    Hopefully they dont, again. When these trees were little they broke one off below the graft, it came back with crab apples, we never pulled it out. The horses like them LOL and obviously the deer!!!

  4. I see deer everyday in my yard. When I went to lunge Chance in the arena, there were deer in my arena again. I don't know why they jump in there, there isn't anything to eat! I actually went to chase them out before I brought Chance out. I didn't want to do that with Chance in tow!
    I love seeing the deer though. They don't bother me at all!

  5. I would love to see deer rather than rattlesnakes coming into my yard!! My neighbor has a pond in his yard but no gate in the hopes that the wild animals will come to drink. I need to ask him if he's seen any.

  6. We rarely ever see deer here because they must stay in the National Forest and BLM lands that are behind our property. There must be enough food available for them there, that they don't feel the need to come down near humans.
    Plus our fruit trees didn't bud out this year due to the high winds, drought and hard freeze this past Spring. So, we have no fruit on our peach and apple trees. :(
    Sometimes we get rabbits that like to nibble the bark on the apple trees...the deer might be nibbling yours, too.
    We do have a garden, but I keep it covered with bird mesh to protect it.

    Easy is looking healthy and fat. Your grass must be very good there. We still haven't had any grass growth, so we're feeding hay all year. And the hay's not been that great, but thankfully Apache is an air fern and doesn't need supplements. I do give her some flax and beet pulp with a vitamin mix just to keep her feeling good and her coat shiny, though.


  7. Lisa, we have a lot of deer around here, and even in town!! LOL We stay green here usually most of the year except for August when things dry up. At least thats what it used to do!! Here it is almost the end of July and we are wearing long pants and sweatshirts!!!! It maybe got up to 69 today!! When the rest of the country is cooking, the West coast is chillin" literally!!!!!
    The old mare Easy, she gets grain am and pm, she doesnt have much teeth on the bottom. I usually feed hay year round, I dont have enough pasture for 3 to be on grass all summer. There is only about 1 1/2 acres of pasture now. Used to be more before we put a second house on the property for Hubbys folks, now his brother lives there. The total place is only 3.4 acres though. But that is enough to have to get out and mow and try to upkeep!!!


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