Friday, July 22, 2011

Sneak peek! and the Camas Days Parade is Tomorrow!!!!

A quick sneak peek!!! We went up to Hubbys brothers today to put together the float!
Bro #2 and L, had picked up all the plants, now to just figure out how to arrange everything. We brought the giraffe and the snake! LOL
 Pete the Python, He is looking pretty uh, snake like? !! LOL LOL
 The signs that sis in law had made for the parade.

 She has a friend that works for someone, who worked at the zoo, and was able to get this zebra!!! He is pretty cool
 The view from the back! Can you spot the characters?
 Front view!
 A close up of the monkeys!!! They turned out cute!!!
More to come!!!


  1. Wow, that really turned out good!! I'm so totally impressed! Amazing!!
    PS LOVE the snake :)
    PPS my word verification was LIKIN
    how true is that?

  2. I loved the monkeys! Adorable! But the snake gives me the willies...he looks almost real sneaking around in the greenery! :D



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