Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fishing wash out.....or not so much

Well Hubby and I wanted to go fishing for trout Wednesday, we drove 190 miles, and didnt get to wet a line. We were so disappointed. The places we took the kids when they were little are no longer accessible. Goose lake, it is way to overgrown to even think about fishing from the bank now, only if you have a belly boat, or a row boat can you fish there now. Swift reservoir, well there is so much construction there now that there is only the boat launch and about 50 feet of shoreline. It was really depressing. We havnt been trout fishing for a few years, and boy have things changed. We are without a boat right now so we havnt been able to do that either. I did get a few pretty pictures though!!!
The wildflowers were all in bloom, I dont know what these are called, but we seen wild tiger lilys, Foxglove, Lupine, and many others.
 Blue flowers are my favorite. This is the area around Goose lake, it is a volcanic area. This area is covered by an old lava flow.
 It is very very rugged country, if you get lost out here, navigation devices, like compass', dont work! Because of all the iron in the rocks it causes them to go haywire. Quite a few people have been lost in this area (usually Chinese or Vietnamese bear grass pickers) they usually dont find them until the next year.
 This is Goose lake. It is a beautiful lake, maybe around 10 acres, I would guess. A few years back we had a dry Spring and Summer (yes we do occasionally!!! LOL) and the lake was almost dry, there is a great big volcanic hole in the center of this lake where water comes in and or in the case of that year drains out!!! It was something to see, I shall have to find a photo of it then and add it onto this post.

 This is really rugged country!
 They were supposed to stock trout into this lake around June 15th, they were not able to get in to stock it until June 29th, because of the snow pack!!! It just was not accessible!!

 We then thought we would drive over the mtns. the check out Swift Creek Reservoir, where we used to fish all the time. We stopped at a Mt. St. Helens lookout point, to eat lunch, on the way. Really she is there, buried in the clouds!
 Trying to get pics of the kids on the rock wall! LOL LOL

Finally somewhat of a pose!!! LOL
 Ooooo there she is! trying to peek out!!
Still very magnificent, even though you can only see half of her!
This is the South side of the Mt. when she blew in 1980, she blew to the North and East. 
Well I got a few pictures anyway. We are really going to have to do our homework and figure out where to go fishing at. We both want some smoked trout!!!! Gosh darn it!!!!!


  1. Beautiful. We've taken our kids to Mt. St. Helens a few times....hiked in the Ape Caves...hiked Spirit lake...there's a lot to see around there. Looks like fun day exploring.

  2. Linda, I would like to go see the Ape caves, I havnt been there yet! Lucky to have hiked Spirit Lake, beautiful lake, isnt there any more.
    I love this country, it fills my soul to go out and spend time in the mtns.


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