Sunday, July 3, 2011

A real treat!!!!!

Well I went and seen the movie BUCK tonight with some friends!!!!
Its is about the horseman Buck Brannaman. It has received numerous awards at the Sundance music festival. It was really good, surprising at times, and a really good message. I enjoyed it.

And a bonus after the show, Buck was there for a Q&A session and he signed both of my books!!! Faraway Horses and Believe!!! Wooo hooo.
He is such a nice man, very sweet, he came out onto the street to sign autographs and talk to people! I shook his hand to!!

I got a little video of him talking! He is funny, its hard to believe when he started out he was so shy he couldnt look people in the eye and talk to them! LOL he has no problem now!

Went with Carissa and Judy. I moved so the pic is blurry! These pics are off of my Iphone.

Great movie, google it to see if it is in your area!!! Its at the smaller theaters.


  1. How lucky you were you to not only have seen the movie but to also meet Buck in person afterwards! Awesome! I doubt he'll be coming to New Mexico, though, but I do plan on seeing this movie when it eventually shows up here.


  2. What a treat! I really hope that movie comes around to my area. I don't go to movies often because of all the chair kicking, bad breath and silent but deadlys, but I'm willing to withstand whatever comes my way to see BUCK.

  3. I saw it Friday--it was wonderful. Buck didn't show up for a Q and A here in Spokane though. :/

  4. Sounds great! very cool that you got to meet him as well

  5. I do recommend that all horse people see this!!!
    Natural horsemanship, and a wonderful kind man, dispite all that he has been through!!!
    It was fun meeting him and he shook my hand, he has huge! warm, gentle hands.


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