Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catching up!!!

I cant believe its been a week since I have posted! I will catch up on a few things!!

 Marqus had fun running the tractor! lol Meghan is trying to put some country boy into her city boy!!! They cleaned out the fire pit with the tractor, using the bucket to shovel the ash into.
 Dublin and I worked the fireworks booth, for the Lions Club and Guide Dogs for the Blind. We worked two different days.
 He is such a pretty boy. It was just cool enough that he was enjoying the sunshine!!
 Here is Pueblo, a pup we puppy sat, he is a year old now and will go back for training probably in Nov. or so.
 Hubbys cousin Sherri, Grammie, Meghan and her uncle.
 Hubbys brothers only daughter, got married last Saturday.

 They got married at the Rusty Grape Vineyard just North of where we live.
 The bathrooms have Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris on the wall above the doors!
 The weather was about 75degrees, a little warm at times, there was no cover.
 They said their vows with much smiling and laughter!! It was a good ceremony.
 She was a beautiful bride.
 They had a neat ceremony joining their own jar of light and dark sand.
 Symbolizing that they are now one.
 It was pretty neat.
 Congrats you two!!!!!
 Meghan and Hubby!!!
 There was also a 60th birthday party there, I caught this pic of the pink stretch Limo!!! Also there was a Yoga class out on the grounds too! a lot going on.
 He he he he being a blogger I take strange pics LOL this was one of the bathrooms, I loved the tile mirror....
Painted sink...
 And light switch.
 Standing around gabbing with friends. There was wine available, for $6.50 a glass or $16 a bottle. I tried some, it really was good! Pretty dry, but I like sweet wine.
 The newlyweds down in the vineyard having pictures taken.
The booze cart.

It was a nice ceremony and we seen a lot of people we havnt seen in awhile. We left early, the heat was getting to me.
I am finished with Stanley the giraffe!!(but I always find something to tweak! ) Will post some pics soon!


  1. At that price, I'd definitely take the bottle. Nice wedding!

  2. Yeah Linda, friends bought a bottle, I snitched a taste from them LOL, I think there is only about 4 glasses in a bottle?? These were huge wine glassed too!!! So not even!!


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