Friday, July 15, 2011

Another project....

I started another project, That should come together in a few days. This ones for you Mikey!!! LOL A snake!!! I named him Pete. LOL LOL LOL He is @7 feet long!!!
 And he will look like a python when he is done.
 a very fat python!!! LOL LOL LOL
Hey I couldnt help myself, when I get on a role I cant stop!!! LOL

I also put the palm trees in a bucket, I am going to go back to the Dollar store and get a grass skirt I think I seen there to put around the bucket.

A week until the parade!!!


  1. YAY!! You know I love the snakes :) I can't wait to see how all this turns out, you've done such amazing work!! You really have talent for this, ya know :)

  2. the float is going to be awesome!

  3. Thanks gals!!! LOL LOL Yeah I have always been artsy fartsy LOL LOL LOL I just need an outlet!!!! LOL

  4. If he is dry enough, I will paint him tonight.

  5. Alas, these palm trees died, when I started moving them around the fronds started breaking. Then we decided, when we did a dry put together of the float, that they just didnt look right. Thats ok this project has taught me a lot.


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