Friday, March 30, 2012

Albany Expo 2012 Post #5 Horses, and mules and donkeys and, more!!

And we headed over to the horse barn.
This is a cute sign!
 And a cute little spotted pony.
 Judy and Carol.
 Pretty palomino Appaloosa. He is the son of a stud, that my freind I bought Emma from, had. The stud is a few spot Cremello. All of his foals have had gorgeous color!   His sire is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, 16H and built very nice, beautiful straight legs and wonderful disposition. His name is Platinum Cowboy (go here to see him) This guy is Platinum knickers, I didnt like his conformation in person. His webpage has a much better picture of him Platinum Knickers even though the pic is probably his late yearling pic, and he is not mature yet. We will see how he looks as he gets older.
 Well, probably because he is eye candy to look at, (until you look close)!! I do love those Appy spots!!
 Awe the Frisians! they are so pretty, and all that hair!!!
 There was a group of Frisian Vaquero riders These are some of their saddles.

 Pretty cool.
 There were a lot of Frisians!
 This guy is Paparazzi, another Frisian/Appaloosa cross. (he was out in the arena when we went by his stall.)
 This booth won the best decorated in the barn!
 Cute miniature donkeys

This Percheron Mule hitch was a treat! They are both 7 year old Mollys.

The mule hitch, so cool!

This is the Icelandic horse group.

Next post the end of the evening is a Trail Challenge with obstacles, and timed.


  1. Great shots, love the spots and that pony!!!Squeeee!!!

  2. Very cool! love those long ears!


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