Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post 3 Albany Or., Horse Expo

Oh more shopping!! LOL It was really a nice day!! No rain and almost 60 degrees when we went outside.
 Lots of people!
 One of the Clinicians.
 More shopping!
 The cutest Cowgirl trailer!! We had to tour it, of course.
 You can rent these to stay in!! In the Bend Oregon area. ( Sisters on the fly ) Here is a really cool website about a Cowgirl caravaning group!!! All women!!! And some really cool trailers!!

 A tour of the inside. Cute place setting on the table to the right when you step in.
 Turquoise color stove and oven!
 Decorated to the hilt!
 An Ice box!

Everything was so cute!! ( to wear out a word! omg)
 The bed in the back. Everything western and horsey!!
 Love this towel hanger!
I am not done yet!!! (I think I took 130 photos!! LOL

More to come!!  Did I say we had a lot of fun!!!

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