Monday, March 26, 2012

Horse Expo, Albany Or., post 2, Art!!

The shopping at the Expo was great! there are two huge halls of vendors!! Fun fun fun!!
We found this booth that had some Painted Ponies!(the booth had a lot! of other stuff too) One of the artists that makes some of them was in the booth that day. Painted Ponies webpage This talks about the art contest that the artists submit their works to, to be judged and maybe picked to be a Painted Pony.
This artist does the most beautiful work!!!

 The Indian ponies are one of my favorites.
 This pony is her submission for the new Painted Pony contest. He is gorgeous! The submissions were to honor the Paint horse. I think she did very well!! Love all of the detail on all sides. They have to chose between four different body poses, it explains it all on the website.
 It is just stunning in person!! She said there is a couple more days to vote on the submissions! The contest is done April 1st. I hope she does well.
 Of course I love the Appaloosa ones too!! Her detail with all the trim and feathers, is exquisite!!!
 These are some of her paintings. I did ask her permission to take the photos, she is very sweet, and loved the idea, I told her I have a blog and was going to post her on here. (Maybe she will come see and comment) The T-Shirt I bought with her design on it has a tag that is "Blue Mountain Design Works" I believe this is the company that did the embroidery on the shirts.

The print in the far upper right corner, the bridle and reins are all embellishments. I loved the Appaloosa at the bottom!
 More ponies.
 Her art work is absolutely stunning too. Those are real feathers on the horses! I wish I had gotten some more info! But we were in shopping frenzy!! LOL
This is the shirt I bought. With an Appaloosa, of course!
And if I am smart I will read that pink signature....
LOL a little hard to read but her name is, Lynn Bean. Lynn Bean's website Do check out her website, her work is so beautiful!!!! Her wildlife artwork is exquisite also.     I am going to enjoy wearing this!!
Painted Ponies Facebook page They have photos of a lot of the submissions!!!
More to come!!


  1. I will have to check out her website. She does wonderful artwork!

  2. I love those painted ponies, they started out here In NM and just got really popular. I love that shirt It's really neat!


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