Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More snow, (sigh) and a visitor.

Snow again, is Spring ever going to get here!!! This is the view from Emmas stall.

 At least it was only a dusting.
 Yesterday Hubby called me downstairs and said look....
 I was intrigued so I grabbed my camera and ran outside. See it?
 Right there in the middle.
 We had a Bald Eagle visit the neighborhood!! I know they are more common in some areas, but still not so much around here! He flew down the river. The Little Washougal River is just below him.
 This was as close as I could get to it.

 And all I could catch as he flew over me!! LOL

And just because they are cute! LOL The boys, both holding Dad down!!!


  1. I live near the Mississippi River and so we see many Baldies by us.

    Although our weather has been extremely warm for March! Lots of stress on the critters with winter coats yet!

    Love the narrative in this today!

  2. Snowing here again tonight. Frogs have gone back into hibernation. I bet this weather is getting as old for them as it is me...

  3. Snowing again here too, on this Wednesday night!

    Val, my mares are just starting to shed, not a whole lot yet though.

    Fernvalley I am so ready for Spring!!! Summer wouldnt be bad either!! LOL


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