Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Albany Expo 2012 Post #4 Go shopping with me!

OH boy, better than candy and diamonds!!! LOL
 I dont have a use for a show saddle but I sure can appreciate a pretty peice of leather and silver!!! The hand was a young girl saying " This one is mine! " LOL LOL
 Pretty belts! I will have to get me a new belt, one of these days, but to rhinestones on my butt!! LOL LOL Kinda like that turquoise one in the middle, where the white strips are.!!

Natural, red, brown, or black, they are beautiful!
 Lots and lots of bling headstalls too. I prefer quieter tack! LOL
 Some of them are quite pretty!
 Hair, rhinestones and dots, in every color you can imagine!!
 Lots of jewelry to!
 Rhinestone dog collars!
 Blind tie down holders too.
 Just pretty leather with not so much bling. That seat looks cushy!
 OH and the jewelry!!! LOL Love this Indian made stuff!!
 This piece was like $600.!!!!!!!!
 This booth had some vintage clothing.
 This Kiger stud was shaved in the design of the 2012 Expo.
 I must have taken awhile!! and he didnt want to stand still out here! I wonder how he stood for his haircut!
 Each side was different.

And we head out to the barn to see horses now!!!

In the spirit of not wanting too long of posts, we will continue again!! 


  1. I love shows like this, wish I had more of them around here to go to! ;-)
    Where is Silver Creek, WA? it would be fun to come and watch the Mark Bolender clinic and get to meet ya! ;-)
    Ranch Girl

  2. Whooeee! That was a lot of BLING! I hope you were wearing your sunglasses so you didn't end up blinded. lol!
    Love that gorgeous Kiger horse. Wowza!!!

    Thanks for taking us along with you!

  3. WOW I like that Kiger! I'm glad I'm not into the showing because all that "bling" turns me off.

  4. Yeah Dunappy, I dont care for a lot of bling either. I do love the silver jewelry! LOL
    All those rhinestones though, I dont care for them.


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