Sunday, March 25, 2012

Albany Oregon Horse Expo!! 2012

Saturday morning I set my alarm for 5am! Got up took a shower, took the dogs out, ate breakfast. Hubby got home from graveyard shift about 7:15am and Judy showed up to pick me up at about 7:20am. Hi honey, bye! See you tomorrow morning!!!
We drove to Carols and met up with her, she drove the hour and a half down to Albany, Oregon.
The first presentation we wanted to watch was about gaited horses and how to collect them to better get them into gait. Well it ended up the whole hour was on basic riding, and they didnt even gait a horse, except for an Icelandic. It was kind of boring and not what Carol was after at all, if you remember from previous posts she just purchased a 5 year old Rocky Mtn. mare. Judy rides a @18 year old Foxtrotter.  So we did stay and listen to 90% of the presentation but ended up leaving before it was over.

We realize that the basics are very important, but wanted to see a little more advanced stuff. We seen this same type of presentation at the Expo closer to home. Bending, flexing, equitation, balance, hands, release, and pressure. Over and over. We wanted a little bling! They need to make the presentation more dynamic, if thats the word I want. Showing a beginning gaited rider and then showing someone more advanced and on up, to show what all that hard basics work can do for you. But I dont design the presentations.  These folks were very nice and hailed from Tennessee. 
 A bit blurry, but the only gaiting was this Icelandic tolting!
 The Kennsington booth!  LOL these fly masks are hilarious!! LOL The ears! This was just the demo manikin!!
 OH! and the BLING!!!
 And the leather!!! I so want a pair of chinks! And these were pretty reasonably priced.
 These are the ones I fell in love with, they would match my pony!!! LOL They sell for $189.00, which is what I have been seeing decent ones on Ebay for. To my family, this is what I want for my birthday!! LOL LOL.
 More bling shopping!
 Following Carol and Judy.
 Tiny toddler chinks!! So cute!
 This booth was huge!
Carol shopping for campers! We toured a lot of them. This one, was 28K!!!! OMG thats a lot for a camper!!

 It was very nice though!!
 Another one, that is a little smaller and a little bit less expensive!
 Hats of every shape and size!!
 More shopping!! I always drool over the Kubotas!!! LOL Our place is way to small to justify one!! LOL We do have a small tractor, but Hubby broke the reverse gear and it needs to be rebuilt.
 Ansure, treeless saddles, a freind of ours builds them, the guy with the white sleeves and hat.
 Lunch!! Clam Chowder in a bread bowl! Yum!!

I am going to split my posts up into 3-4 days! I took that many pics this time! LOL
Post #2 Painted ponies, Cowgirl campers, and more!! (and of course horses!!!)

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