Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow again! March 1st

Well we had about two inches of snow Wednesday morning. Pretty, but I am so ready for Spring!!!
( Well Lytha, its still grey here too!!! LOL But there are some Fir trees!!)

 Had a little excitement here in the neighborhood this last week. A woman who lives across the street from us, drowned in the Little Washougal river. Totally weird this time of year. Ruled an accidental drowning.
 Ponies are still eating and pooping, and I am still cleaning up after them and feeding them!! LOL
They got their shots on Tuesday. Three ways for Easy and Mickey, a 5 way for Emma. The old mares probably wont leave the property, so I figured enceph/flu/tetnus was enough for them. Emma got Rhino with hers.
 It has been cold the last few days too, 39F when I get up in the AM, I am wearing extra layers(my nylon sweat pants!) to the barn, I know I am a wimp! I hate being cold! Its only been low to mid 40's during the day. Damp too.
My barn is on the other side of that well shed in the center. The girls were staying inside.
I really am getting the itch to RIDE!!! Soon I hope! Or I am going to have to haul to an arena!!!


  1. It is pretty , but I am tired of winter too

  2. We also got snow again today. But it's far better than last year. The days are warmer then last year. It was horrible with minus 20 degrees for almost a week straight with no snow. At least this year we have moisture.

  3. It's sure pretty...if you don't have to go out in it!


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