Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lion is hanging on with claws!!!

Snow again! March came in like a lion and is leaving like a lion too!!
Dublin is practicing being a Pointer.

 Even 2 inches of snow is deep for Max! (I dont think he is peeing here! LOL LOL, but he is missing a leg!!)
 Heavy wet sloppy snow.
Lots of water in the pasture again.
 Snow on the hot tub.
 If it ever warms up I am going to paint these chairs grey. A nice coat of white will have to do for now!
 Hello Emma, "Hi Mom! Whats up?"
 Lick, chew....                                 (1 1/2 inch fence tape, does not like snow!)
 "Why are you not feeding me?"
 "Really you are just standing there?"
 "Please? I is hungary!"
 OK Emma I will feed you girls!
 You old mares are waiting, not so patiently!
I dream of dry ground and warmer days! Not hot, but 75-80 is perfect!! On the news this morning they said we are one snow fall away from the all time number of snow falls in March!
Horse Expo in Albany Oregon this weekend!!! This is the big one! Should be fun!!


  1. Somehow, everywhere but SE Oregon is getting all the moisture. We had about 2 inches yesterday morning, but it was melted by noon...and not even muddy!! Our dry ground just sucked it up!

    Let's hope April will be spring...yes?!?

  2. we got a blast today too 5 inches of snow since noon!Sigh


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