Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pony nap time.

Nap time! The old mares standing guard. A few minutes after I took this pic she was laying flat out, LOL.
Snow is gone, it is supposed to be almost 60F Sunday! A day to catch all the mares, wash the mud off of them and check them all out. I need a new set of clipper blades, last time I tried to trim bridle paths, they wouldnt cut. I need to trim leg hair and chins and bridle paths! Maybe they will look less like woolly mammoths! LOL

This is my new ring Hubby bought me on one of our outings lately! Three horses for my three! (and my poor wrinkly dry hands! LOL)

And for fun!! go listen to "When you find a horse in you bubblebath" by Brent Holmes, the song is the inspiration for my blog title!! It will make you laugh! "driving all the rubber duckies insane" LOL LOL
When you find a horse in your bubblebath


  1. Such a beautiful ring...and so meaningful, too!

    That song is adorable! My daughter and I had to watch the video twice. The sounds of the ducks cracked her up each time. lol!


  2. LOL I know Lisa!!! That silly song makes me laugh every time!!


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