Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Horse Expo! 2012, Post #5

One last saddle! LOL  There was a group of Cival war reinactors and this was one of theirs.
They look sooooo uncomfortable! LOL But, I have never sat in one.
 The Frisian/Andalusian, Featherdance group! We seen them up at Clark County Expo, and last year here at Albany, Oregon.

Videos of the group.

After the entertainment, they had the All Breed Trail Challange.
 There were quite a few judges and about 12 entries. This one we watched was a semi-finals. The finals were on Sunday. I havnt heard who won overall, I will have to ask them on Facebook.
 It was quite a long course.
1. Run a lap showing of your horses breed.
2. Jump three jumps
3. go across the bridge, which has a step up in the middle and is in an L shape.
4. Back through cones in a half figure 8
5. pick up a bag of cans and drop them inside a hula hoop
6. do the wagon wheel at your best gait
7. put the horse ball through the two uprights
8. do a reining pattern, one large fast, one small slow, then do a turn around or spin
9. go through the car wash wall and run clear around the arena again, for time, to the end, by the jumps.
I think I got them all!
 Still havnt figured out action photography!
This little mule was really good, a younger girl riding her. She was another crowd pleaser!!

 This guy was so funny on his Appy, he has only been riding this horse for a year, he said!

 The ball looks easier than it is! The horses seem to knock it one way or the other, instead of straight.

 Steve Rother, on the light Palomino, was a good commentator! He was pretty amusing! The girl he is talking to here, did the whole course bareback, on her Halflinger! She brought the house down!!!
 I think 4 out of the group went on to the finals.
 And goodbye and goodnight, for another year!

These were my purchases for the day. This wonderful embroidered t-shirt.
 A dark grey hoodie, that is really comfy! The printing is sparkely too! LOL
 Something for the Hubby!
And these earings, I love the stars. And they are leverback!! so I wont loose them!!
That will be my last post about the Horse Expo!! LOL until next year!!


  1. WOW!!! Looks like you all had ALOT of fun! I would LOVE to go to one the Expos or Fairs or whatever they're called (haha, silly me, I really want to go to the place but can't remember what it's called, lol!)! Happy Horsing Around!

    -Bella Hope!

  2. The McClellan saddles were heavy and not exactly comfortable, but I know a few people who have refurbished ones and love them.
    I have a used Stonewall saddle which is build on the premise of a McClellan. IT is awesome and weighs something like 10 lbs!

    I used to go to the horse expo in Madison with my mule and exhibit. What an awesome time!


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