Thursday, April 26, 2012

Empty nest!

Well all three of the fluff balls are out and running around!!
The nest is empty! (Lisa, there were no shells left!)

I didnt think I would be able to see all three of them together.
There are two in this pic.
 There are all three!! I could hear their little chirps, like mini mom and dad sounds!! LOL
 One of the parents trying to lure them away. They werent very obedient! lol driving the parents crazy!
 They are so cute!

Fun to find them and then see them hatch!  I will try to catch them in the field as they get older!

Baby update! I found all three of them in the field tonight!!(Sat.) Moma and Daddy are doing a good job!
Watched one of the parents attacking Starlings that were to close to the babies! LOL

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  1. So neat, I tried to keep an eye out last year to get pictures when ours hatched but missed them!


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