Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The first baby!!!

Meghan looked at the nest when she came over this afternoon and found fuzzy egg!!! LOL LOL I had noticed that mommy and daddy were a little more noisy than usual today!
 Isnt it cute! The first born chick!
 Mama wasnt very happy with me!
 I got a lot of dancing today!!
 More views of the chick, it was hard to zoom in and hold still enough to get a clear pic. It was getting dark so I had to change the setting on my camera!
 It still has two siblings to hatch!!
 Dont worry, mama came right back to the nest when we walked away.
 Oh and the flying jewels are busy busy busy!! Our resident Anna's Hummingbird is very busy defending its territory!
 It would turn one way and be bright red and the other way and be black.
 And who is behind the Hummingbird!
 The Hummer and the ponies through the heart!
 And my Dahlias are coming up!!! Spring is here!!! Finally!!!


  1. That is way cool! Mama is very pretty. Matter of fact, you've got lots of pretty birds in your yard. I like the heart framed photo.

  2. And isn't it a cute chick!!
    Yes, spring is here and summer is right around the corner!


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