Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not doing much, except waiting for the weather to break!

Someday we will get some dry weather. It is supposed to be over 70*F this weekend!! I am going to ride!!!
Meanwhile, this big blue guy(?) was visiting next door a week or so ago. He is hunting mice in the field, or probably, as noisy as they have been, frogs. No wonder he looks so fat.
(It is a Great Blue Heron, by the way.) Very big! I bet he is close to 3 or so feet tall!

I am getting anxious to ride! Emma's feet are trimmed so I have no excuse! Other than mud! I hope this weekend heralds a drying trend! Please!!

Everyone here is doing great. Horses are shedding and shedding some more! making my arms tired, brushing three of them! Still fighting a little rain rot on Easy, she is very prone to it. When they start shedding and the hair dropping it seems to get worse. Treating it with betadine and brushing almost every day.
Hubby is working graveyard shift, so is a zombie most days. Dogs are great, except when unexpected, or expected people come to the door and Max barks and barks, waking Hubby up. Poor guy. (this happened this morning.)

I had a swelling and extreme pain in my left arm at the point of the screws in my plate, where my arm was broken. Went to see the doc, got referred back to the original orthopedist to check it out. He isnt worried about it, said to let it settle down and if it it still bugging me in a few weeks, let him know. Darn arm has not bothered my in darn near 10 years. I think I strained it dumping the wheel barrow, while cleaning stalls. It is now settling down, I am not taking Ibuprofen for it any more so much better!
(this is the arm that got broken in a car wreck in 2002, when I got hit head on by a drunk driver.)

So thats what I have been up to, no a whole heck of a lot! Same old same old, get up, take the dogs out, feed them, have a cup of Chai or two, feed horses at 9am, take dogs out and repeat! LOL Oh and in there feed the Hubby, LOL, cant forget him! I have been painting a little. But things are quiet and nothing exciting.  Oh yeah, somewhere in there, this month I turned 45! I am darn proud now of every year I put under my belt! My MRI in March came back good!! No regrowth of tumor, so thats good!! Even though I had to call the oncologist and ask for the results.

So I guess I have been up to some things! LOL Our youngest daughter, Meghan turned 21 too! Where does time go!! None of them have made me a Grandma yet though!!! LOL So much for being a young Grandparent, they are going to make me wait, all three of them!!

Will take pics when I ride!!! finally! The whole country is complaining about how warm is has been. But not here in the NorthWest!! It has been cold and wet, our first 70 day should come this weekend! Our snow pack,I believe,is above normal, so no fear of drought here. No flooding either, no tornadoes, no extreme weather. You still couldnt make me move to the South!! LOL so I guess I will put up with the rain!
Until next time!

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  1. been pretty low key here too, sleep chores eat work repeat Hope you do get to ride


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