Thursday, April 12, 2012

On baby watch!!

I was mowing the yard the other day and I almost ran over a nest!! We always have a pair or two of Killdeer, on the property. They are very noisy at times. She is on the nest in this pic between the 1st and 2nd cones.
 As I got closer she ran out into the pasture. Can you find her?
She is in the lower left corner.
 Here are her precious little eggs! This is the first time they have nested in the yard. I am so glad I seen her while I was mowing, I was within 6-8 feet of mowing over the nest. But I just happened to see her run off the nest and somehow knew that it was close. So I parked the mower, found the nest, and walked to the garage and got these cones and some spikes to hold them down. Marked the nest, and now am checking on her every day. She doesnt get off the nest unless I get pretty close. Arent they pretty eggs. They seem quite big, for such a small bird.
 I remember seeing the little tiny babies in past years.
I was hoping to catch her doing her wounded wing dance. She must be getting used to me because she wouldnt dance for me! I hope to get a picture of the babies when they hatch. She is up in the upper right corner in this one. So thats my baby watch!!


  1. Love Killdeer! glad you saw it before you mowed it

  2. Very cool! I've never had them in my yard, just have seen them in our fields!

  3. That is so cool! can't wait for them to hatch.

  4. Oooh! How exciting! Such gorgeous eggs, too. Wonder if you could collect the empty shells after the chicks are born. Would make for a pretty decoration on a shelf inside an old nest.



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