Monday, April 30, 2012

My trip to the barn tonight.

The babies are all still alive!! Can you find them all? They are so little!
 Some things I love. My roany pony. (her left shoulder) She hasnt lightened up a whole lot more this year, still shedding though!!
 Apple butt! LOL The side that doesnt have manure stains! LOL She is pouting here because I forgot to shut off the flash, she hates the flash! She jumps every time.
 Trying to get a good eye shot, she doesnt hold still! She kept circling in the stall because she was waiting for the flash. I dont know if she thinks its lightening or what. She has pretty Appy eyes, lots of eyeliner!
 The sky was pretty tonight.

 The Tulip tree is in full bloom.
 So are the Apple trees.
Spring has sprung! Finally! It may be wet still, but it is still sweatshirt weather, if I put on any more I sweat to death when I do chores!

On this last day of April 2012!


  1. She does have pretty eyes and love the eyeliner!!
    It looks gorgeous there! We are drenched in rain, again. I couldn't have shoes put on Brandy today because her pasture is still so deep with mud. Sigh...

  2. great shots, and a beautiful Appy eye it is

  3. Cute babies! I enjoyed all the photos. Great to see your Roany Pony, too!
    I've never seen a tulip tree! How awesome!


  4. Thanks Lisa, I dont know if a Tulip tree is the same as a Magnolia? I have heard that.

    Thanks Paint Girl, I dont know about gorgeous here, it is still really wet. It dried out one time enough for me to ride! I still have lots of mud too! You are a couple hours North of me I think?

  5. Hmmm, I looked up the Tulip tree, and they are related to Magnolias, although a different variety more related to Poplar trees.


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