Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exploding horses, the old mare, dapples and Emma

I can get this much hair or more off of Easy right now, every night!
 She has such fine, short hair. One rule of horse, dont wipe you mouth with your sleeve, after brushing shedding horses!  thwpppt! Sadly I did it several times! See Paint Girl, they still have mud socks! (sigh)
 Horses are so funny to take pictures of! LOL from the wrong angle they have giant heads! LOL LOL
This one is for Sara, so she can see how her red pony is doing! Looking good at 27, a little more sway to her back now. She is patiently waiting for me to get done with whatever I am doing so she can get back to her dinner.
 Mickey already has dapples! She is always so shiny!, mostly just her belly to shed now.
 Little fat butt! LOL She is looking good at 23 too, just wish I could ride her.
 This is Emmas pensive, pissed off look! LOL she hates the camera flash1!
 Despite her roaning out, there is still a little of her dun stripe down that broad back.
 OK I think I can finish my dinner now. See all the mud on the wall! They splash it when her and Mickey come in at night!
Dry warm weather is coming mid-week!! Cant wait!


  1. They are shedding out nicely! Fritzy is shedding out really well, Brandy still has a ways to go. If it would ever stop raining and warm up a bit they might shed out completely!
    And yes I am so tired of the mud socks! So not attractive....

  2. I read yesterday that a trick to getting hair off at once is to rub baby oil into their coat, blanket them over night and bathe them the following day. Sounds pretty messy but maybe it'll save us from eating horse hair day after day:)

  3. Horsemom, That sounds like a lot of work LOL an very messy too! Maybe if you had a show coming up or something and were desperate!!! Also that a lot of baby oil!! LOL


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