Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well just when I really want to start riding her, she somehow has hurt her stifle.
She is putting all her weight on it but very short steps and when she turns she has a hard time.
She is up in the small pen so she stays quiet and I am hand walking her a couple times a day.
Probably more for me than her I am putting some liniment on her stifle. She walks around tossing her head, so I know she is in pain. She cant even trot. Time will tell, its been two days. :o(


  1. I am so sorry. I hope she gets better quick so you can get back to riding!!

  2. Thanks Paint Girl, I hope she does heal quickly.
    If no I am going to have to ride the 27 year old!! LOL Whom you would never know is that age, until you look at her teeth! LOL

  3. Poor girl. I hope she heals quickly.



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