Friday, May 18, 2012

Pre-Mothers day trip to the Nursery

The weekend before Mothers day, I took my Mom up to Columbia Gorge Nursery. It is owned by Linda and Tony Roberts. I met Linda when I worked at the feed store, and I still get a special invite to her spring sale every year! Here is a tour through the green houses.
 She is a busy woman all year, and supplies flowers for landscape projects to a lot of local businesses.
 I think there are 4 green houses in all. She grows flowers, flower baskets, herbs, and vegetables. She also sells native plants and trees.
 The 10" pots are only $12 at her sale!! Flowers are $17-28 a flat of 18, depending on the variety.
 Someone else loading up! She has these nifty push carts to haul around your purchases!!
 Those wooden hanging planters are only $18 each! Such good prices for this sale!!
 Here is her price list.
 I cant imagine the work it takes to fill all these green houses! The fences off areas are already sold plants.
 A view from the other end.
 They dont show up very well in this pic, but there is wild Lupine blooming everywhere right now! This is just beside the road.
 One of my 12" baskets, red, white and blue.
 Kind of a funky pic, but I had to get that purple Verbena in there, Purple/blue flowers are my favorites!!
 My Dahlias are all planted and coming up!! When I can keep the slugs off of them!! so they can come up.
 The tall spindly plant in the back is a free Hummingbird attracting flower that Linda gave, both Mom and I.
 Here is my favorite Petunia!! Blue Daddy, is its name. I bought the purple Alyssum to put in with them this year. I bought a whole flat, 12 Blue Daddy, and 6 Alyssum to put with them.
 These are on each side of the glass door onto our deck. They are each on top of a milk can.
Flowers, flowers, flowers!! and my garden is planted too! Walla walla onions, Zucchini, burpless cucumbers, mini pumpkins (which I like to bake and eat like Acorn squash) Tomatoes a few Jalapenos, and Blue Lake pole beans!! I hope to plant corn, but I have to wait and see if I will have some room. We share the garden plot with Hubbys brother.

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