Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emma, videos and glamour shots!

Here is Emma in pergatory, LOL at least she thinks so. She is getting spoiled with the hand walking, which usually includes a walk to the neighbors field to eat grass.
 "What ya doin'?"  Coming to take your spoiled butt out! LOL

I took some videos of her so you can see how she is walking. Getting her to cooperate, and work the camera is a challenge!!! LOL To the left, it is her left side that is sore.

And to the right, she seems much worst with the bad side on the outside of the circle.

I tried to get her to go a little faster... With camera in hand I cant show you her little squeal and head toss, to argue with me when I ask her for a trot, lol, have to tap her on the butt with the rope.

She loves going out here to munch! LOL What horse wouldnt!
 "Yeah, what do you want?"
 Me, trying to be creative.
 Happy pony.

The sunset setting on my camera really brings out the red in her.

 That mane, in 12 years, thats all she has grown, I have never cut it, LOL
 This is without the sunset setting. She looks so much whiter.
 Ha! Me being creative again. Hmmm I may crop this and use it as a header in the future.
 Last but not least!!! My beautiful Mothers day flowers from Meghan. Gorgeous arent they!!!


  1. She is so pretty!! Love her color!! That's funny that you mentioned her mane has been that way since she was born. The Appy I had when I was a teenager had a mane just like Emma's!! It never grew!!
    I wish I could help you with the stifle issue she is having. She is definitely off. I think you are doing the right thing by stall rest and hand walking. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon!!

  2. Poor thing. Hope she heals up fast.

  3. She sure looks good other than the lameness, hope it resolves soon

  4. Thanks everyone, I am thinking it is a muscle issue, she seems to warm out of it some, and is volunteering a trot and canter, on the long line now.


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