Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

I went and visited the cemetary today.
This is Hubbys Moms, Dad. Grammpys resting place. Grammy, Isabel, is still with us, as I posted previously of her 99th Birthday party.
 This is Hubbys Dads, parents. Herman and Arvillas resting place.
 Hubbys Dads, Sister and her Husbands resting place.
 Hubbys Mom, and Dads resting place. Someone had been there before me and left the lilies.
 I cleaned them all off and put up the flower vases.
Where everyone is. The family is buried close to each other.
There were a lot of people, and lots of flowers! I took a few pics as I drove out.

Next time I need to take some tools to do a better job cleaning. Some that had not been visited in awhile, were pretty covered in old cut grass, from lawn mowing. I seen an older couple with a spray bottle of cleaner and they cleared 2 inches all the way around the head stone, about that deep too, looked good when they left. This is a huge cemetery! I cut flowers from around the yard, rhodies and cut some flowers off of the snowball tree. I remember my Mother-in-law doing that every Memorial day. I even left a small flag for Hubbys Dad, who served in the Navy. Not fun, but it needed doing.


  1. Looks like a lot of folks do take care. Lovely flowers

  2. I did this too! It's so super hard but definitely a good thing to do! And I'm glad I"m not the only one who took photos, although i felt a bit morbid doing that.

  3. I dont think its morbid at all Nicole, it just shows that you care about your loved ones memories.
    I will go back with much better tools next time, to edge the grass.

  4. I love cemeteries! And I love visiting them. Thank you!



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