Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rainbow beauty....

I started out to the barn to feed last night and turned around and ran back in the house for my camera!! You can see why!
A beautiful double rainbow!
 Full arch
 Close up. I have a sunset, setting on my camera that picks up more reds. This is with the setting on.
 This is with the setting on landscape. Shows how bright that this rainbow was!!! To bad there wasnt a pot o' gold in that barn!!!
 The arch over the barn, left and....


I tried to get a close up on the middle, there were 4-5 striations of purple and blue under the red and yellow!
 All three of the Killdeer babies are still there! Here is one.
 One of the parents. They have a weird red eye.

This one is for Paint girl!!! LOL Hopefully this will be all dried up this week with the good weather we are supposed to have!!


  1. Too cute you had killdeer on your post, too! ;-) I love your rainbow photos! It's so hard to capture the colors of a rainbow but you did a fabulous job! Have a happy weekend!
    Ranch Girl


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