Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crazy flying machine!

Crazy flying machines!!! Between this guy and the other neighbors new model plane hobby, we are watching the skies around here. This flying machine is pretty loud. It has a big fan behind the motor and he sits kinda in a chair.
 I finally managed to catch some pics of him, he flew right over today and waved. He has a bright new sail, the old one was white.
 As close as I could get. And there is no way I would do this!!! LOL

 Going in for a landing. He lives on this hill to the North of us.

 And safely down. Whew! He must have flown for over and hour. (Nuzz Muzz was talking about the power lines around her new house, well we have them too, and the regular monthly helicopter fly over to check the lines.) Hmm power lines a bit of an obstacle for the flying machine!!
Now if I can only get used to the model plane flying over and resisting the urge to duck, every time I hear its motor fan cut out, when its right over head, and I am walking out to the barn!!! The thing is big!! And would hurt! LOL


  1. It sounds like there are a lot of bored men in your neighborhood looking for a new thrill or entertainment. I wonder if we own the air space above our properties up to a certain height? I remember how exciting it was to have hot air balloons fly low overhead while we were outside in our yard, but after a few years the novelty wore off and it got to be intrusive having tourists waving hello while I'm out there in my pajamas feeding my horses. Speaking of power lines, the movers couldn't get their truck into the driveway of the new house because the power lines were too low. They were upset that they had to carry / push everything through gravel to get it into our house. I felt bad for them when I found out about that.

  2. Yeah Nuzz Muzz, I think soo!! LOL Bored men, dangerous I say!!! LOL

    We have lined from the pole, across our driveway, to the house. We have to lift them up when we have gravel delivered so the dump truck can get under them.

  3. lol! Such interesting neighbors you've got! I take it you'll turn down any offers for a ride on that flying machine. lol!
    I would, too!


  4. Yeah! No way Lisa!! LOL LOL

    Weird neighbors? We have one that lives right behind us that randomly spends hours on his huge backhoe, doing what? I have no idea. He used to do it at night too, but his parents live next door too, and I think they probably said something. We think he is on some kind of drug trip when he does it!!!

  5. That guy really knows how to fly it though. And with the transmission lines...whew!



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