Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missing Career changed Guide dog pup!

Hello folks near Portland, Oregon: Please help us find Jamaica, a career change dog that has gone missing. Jamaica is a female black Lab, and was last seen on 11/19 at 10PM in the Charbonneau area, just south of Wilsonville. Her tattoo number is 47VO. She has white hairs on her stomach and weighs 50 lbs. If you have any info or leads, please call Andy Fitzgerald at 510-418-9863. Please help us spread the word!

These dogs are worth their weight in gold!!! They are so sweet and have great kind personalities!!!


  1. I hope they find her and she's not in Jamaica!


  2. Its been days and they havnt posted anything about her being found. :0/

  3. Are they on facebook? There's a Lost Paws Finder page and an Oliver's Alert page that seem to get lots of attention. Sure hope they find her.

  4. Wow. Hoping for the best. Praying for them. On a lighter note on your latter post - that is a pretty funny quote :).


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