Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our wounded warrior, makes it home for Thanksgiving....

A really long post!!!!
We went to Corys home instead of going across the river to the airport. We waited about an hour and finally got the word through some of this group of veterans. The plane had touched down at 3:36Pm. It had been a special charter donated by a group that does this for vets, the local pilot even donated her time. The VFW paid for the car to drive Cory and his Mom to the house.
 The front of the house. Another veterans help group, donated their time and materials to retrofit the house, bathroom, etc., so that Cory can get around inside easier.

 It was pretty cold! But at least it didnt rain1!!!! That is my Hubby in the black vest, Meghan, and my Mom with the red blanket.
 Meghan got interviewed by the Columbian newspaper. The Columbian videos Here is the link to one of the stories that this reporter did. It is good.
 Marques holding a flag. The VFW provided all of the flags.

 The house is behind that little red maple tree.
 This little guy was so cute, and posed for me!!
 Channel 12 and 6 news.
 Waiting, waiting.
 Here they come!!!!
 The Patriot Guard escorted them all the way from the airport home!!! This group does absolutely wonderful things!!!

One of the things that they do, is provide an honor guard for soldiers at their burials, it is very moving. They quietly surround the cemetery and will not let any hecklers or others disturb the ceremony. If it happens, they quietly, escort them away. They are awesome. But this is a much much happier occasion!!!!

Thats them!

The man in the plaid jacket is Corys Dad.
That is Cory just to the left of his Dad in the plaid.
The first time Dad seen his new leg, in person.
Cory and Dad.
That is Corys Mom in the dark brown jacket, Cory and Dad. This young soldier gave a very moving speach. He asked us all to not forget his unit still in Afganistan and the three that didnt make it.

Then this young man waded into the crowd, and shook everyones hand and talked to almost everyone. He is a great person.
At the end of his speech he looked up and said, "Wow! Thats a lot of flags" LOL
The Vancouver policeman in front of him is his brother in law.
The Patriot Guard standing in the driveway.
He must have talked to people for 45 min or so!!!!
The Guard had really neat bikes!!! Trikes LOL

A group of younger vets getting their picture taken with Cory.

Two or three of the bikes were lit up!! This one in purple.
I liked the blue one!
One of those backwards trikes!
And we headed home. This was a great experience. I am so glad that Cory got to come home, in more ways than one.
Thank you Cory.


  1. Welcome Home, Cory!!!! Thank you man, for all you have done.

    Patriot Guard Riders rock. What they do is amazing- and they sure make a difference!!

    Thanks for posting this story. Gave a warm fuzzy to see the whole procession!

  2. This is great! Wonderful that a neighborhood is so supportive. thanks for sharing.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Thank You for posting the tribute for Cory. It is wonderful to see our HERO'S get the recognition they so well deserve.
    After losing a nephew in Iraq, The one thing that inspired me and helped me get through the funeral was the overwhelming support of my hometown and the turnout to line the road with flags. There was one WWII Veteran there that I have know since childhood, he had surgery 3 days before and demanded release from the nursing home to be allowed to stand his post and hold a flag. Later I asked him why. His answer summed it all up; "He gave so I might live, it's the least I can do for him."
    It's no wonder they call the WWII Vets the GREATEST GENERATION.

  4. Greywolf, this was one of the most special things I have ever seen. My daughter graduating from basic training is right up there too!!!

    Merri, there were flags on all the fences along the travel route, and people standing outside in the cold with flags on and off for miles!!

    Mrs Mom, only being there in person is better!!!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! What an awesome story- I welled up!
    God Bless the Honor Guard, all the people willing to come and wait for that young hero and of course you for sharing it all. I wish all of America could be witness to it.

  6. Thank you. This wonderful welcome home for Cory was well deserved and it brought tears to my eyes.

    I hope Cory will be able to adjust to civilian life and that the whole community continues to support him wholeheartedly.


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