Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Extreme trail 2....

Second post.
Carol had seen an ad for a 14 year old T.Walker mare that was with Mark Bolender, for sale.
We went and found her. Some other people were looking at her, so we got to see her move and see how she handled a little bit. First thing I seen was she jerked both her front and hind foot out of the guys hand, when he asked her for her foot. She was splay toed, fetlocks in, knees bent sideways, ???. Very poor front leg conformation. A 14 year old mare that had bad conformation for $3400. ummmm I dont think so. There are a lot more horses out there that have good minds and decent conformation for less $$. So what if she had been with the trainer for a little while. With that conformation she is sure to get arthritic knees, soon. I didnt get a photo, there was to much going on.

 This is a close up of the balance beam.
 The riders had to go to the far right, against the wall here, a lot of horses stumbled over this one.
 Warning!! Extreme cuteness ahead!!!! This is how we first spotted this little guy.
 He was so adorable!
 And so little!!!!
 But he went UP and Over!!
 He did ok on the balance beam, if the handler had just let him walk on it instead of trying to hold him on it, I think he would have just walked along. She held him real tight and tried to hold him on the beam.
 He was very willing and it looks like they had fun.
 An Appaloosa with cute markings. She was great in hand, but a bit of a pain, under saddle.
 Her face reminded me of Emma.

 More cuteness! and yes they walked through the water behind them at the top of the water fall too!!! The in hand people all wore rubber boots.
 He was so good! To bad he isnt going to be big enough to ride!

 The big Percheron again!
 Mark Bolender, riding a clients horse. She was a pistol and wouldnt stand still, but she did the obstacles ok.

 Another one for Mom! This horse looks so much like Sonny!! There were three that were this color and looked like they were at least part Arab.
We had fun, it really makes me want to try this!!
Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of it too!!!


  1. I love these photos!! That "little guy" . . . I am in LOVE!!!!!!!

  2. Adorable little donkey. Can't figure out why he would have to walk through all those obstacles, though. Poor thing. I guess it was just for fun. At least it was entertaining!

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lisa, in the miniature shows they all do in hand trail. This little guy I would guess is maybe @8mos old. Drive them and do obstacle courses, thats what they do!

    I know Deanna, he is so adorable!!!

  4. Wonderful photos, OMD I'm in love wha that little guy! Perfect addition to my petting zoo...

    Brandon's Raiser

  5. I've always wanted to go and watch this extreme trail obstacle course. I've had horses that would have aced it for sure but unfortunately, not the one I currently ride.:(
    That tiny little ass is just the cutest thing ever! If I had my own place I'd have a dozen!
    Thanks for sharing!


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