Monday, November 14, 2011

I have to share this wonderful happening!!!

This is about a young friend of ours. The letter explains all!!!
I bawled when I read it!!
**I got this from several sources that I know. Please come and support Cory and his family!!**Lynn Vaughn, SW Washington Ride Captain will be leading the Patriot Riders for this event and several of us here will be there to welcome home Cory along the route.

TIME: 2:30-3:30pm

DATE: 18 November 2011 (Friday)

LOCATION: 13814 SE 23 rd Circle (Cascade Park), Vancouver, WA

PFC Cory Doane (son of Rhonda Doane) was serving our country in Afghanistan in July 2011 when an IED exploded directly underneath him. The bomb caused multiple internal injuries and ultimately the loss of Cory’s right leg. Rhonda flew to Walter Reed Army Hospital and has remained with Cory throughout his 16 surgeries (thus far) and assists him with his rehabilitation process. Individual and organizational donations have allowed Rhonda to remain with Cory and also volunteers have prepared the home of Rhonda/Cory to be ADA suitable to ensure Cory is comfortable.

Walter Reed Army Hospital has authorized Cory to come home for the first time since he sustained his injuries, to celebrate Thanksgiving. He must return afterwards for further treatments.

Some airline pilots heard about Cory and have volunteered to fly Cory and his mother Rhonda home for Thanksgiving on a private chartered jet due to arrive at the Flightcraft center of Portland Airport at 2:30pm on the 18 th of November 2011.

The Patriot Guard Riders will greet Cory and Rhonda at the airport and escort them to the family residence for a Surprise Welcome Home Party. Friends, Family and Community Citizens are asked to be at the residence to welcome Cory Home. Bring US Flags if you have them and we will line the street showing how much we care about this true hero that has given so much for our country.

Here is the route we will take to bring Cory and Rhonda home from PDX if community wishes to honor him along the way:

Route we will be taking from PDX will be I-205 to Mill Plain Blvd East.

Right onto Chkalov Dr

Left onto McGillvray Blvd

Right onto Talton Ave

Left onto Angus which curves left onto SE 139th Ave

1 block on left is SE 23rd Cir (Cul-De-Sac)

Participants will need to park on SE 139th Ave or Angus (only one block away from residence)

Again, we should be arriving at the residence anytime from 2:45-3:30pm but be a little flexible on this time please.

Someone will be at the residence at 2:30 pm to direct you where would be the best place to stand in honor of this home town Hero !

Please pass this email around to all your friends and acquaintances in our area that may have the opportunity to honor this hero..

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Team Coordinator for Michael Frakes


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  1. This brings tears for me too. What an ordeal for this family. I will definately pass this along!

  2. yup tears! What a wonderful thing for a wonderful young man!

  3. Wonderful!!! So nice to hear about good news for a change. Very happy that he's coming home for Thanksgiving...wish I could be there to welcome him and show support, but I'll be working. I'll be there in spirit though. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story.


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