Monday, November 7, 2011

Horse trailer trade

This is my old trailer, a 1992 modle, 4 horse with full dressing room.

 This is the trailer we traded for, a 2000 trails west, 2 horse slant with a dressing room
 It is pretty cool, I prefer the white but wont show the moss so bad, LOL.
 She has some rust spots that need touching up, and tweeking to get it how I want it, but that will be a fun project.
I am happy, the 4 horse was way to much for just me, I only have two rideable horses now. The gal I traded with between her and her sister they have 9 horses, so they should get good use out of it.


  1. Congrats! Looks like both of you got a great deal.


  2. Congrats, looks like a good trade to me!

    Brandon's Raiser

  3. Pretty nifty trade!!
    A little rust should be easy to fix!
    My next thing for my 2 she slant is " load leveled bars" . I'll feel safer with them.

  4. Allhorse, yeah I will start medicating the rust next Spring LOL I want to mount the saddle rack somewhere other than the door though. I put my water tank into it. I have to make it mine!! LOL
    Do you have a lighter weight truck? Ours is a 1 ton and it didnt even feel it back there! It hauled that big 4 horse loaded like a dream!!
    We had those bars on our old heavy travel trailer, they do really help when the load is big.


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