Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Buck!!

Yesterday we had these two come trough the pasture.
 This morning I filled the Hummingbird feeder and spotted this guy. Daddy is visiting now!
 He is a nice 3x3, no eyegaurds.
 He was eating apples.

 When I went out to feed the mares, he was still there.
 His neck is swollen, he is in rut.
 He is a pretty boy, we guess that he is about 2 years old.

He was peeking at me when I walked back to the house.

 He is a nice big bodied deer. Would have been a nice one in the freezer! Deer season is closed now.
 This is how close he is to the house. Just to the right of that yellow bottle.
 See him?  Whether you harvest them or not its nice to see them.

The girls are getting beet pulp now that it is cold out. Emma loves her beet pulp! LOL She was raised on it from the time she was foaled.
 Easy was having a problem with watery stool, formed balls, but a lot of water. Messy, I was having to hose her off every day, yeck. I started her on Fastrack, probiotic, an there was no change. I decided to start them on the beet pulp, soaked of course, again and her loose stool cleared up almost immediately!! I was so glad! Its getting to cold to keep having to wash her off. She is looking pretty good, old lady, she will be 27, in March.
 And the other fat old mare. One thing about Mickey is she has always been an easy keeper, she loves her beet pulp too! I like to feed it when its cold to give them more moisture in the gut, so I can hopefully prevent cold weather colic. They tend to not drink as much when its cold.
 And the beet pulp. I soak 8 cups in about 20 cups of warm water. The cup in there is a 24oz sour cream container, Easy gets 4 of those, the other two get two each.
Do you know what happens when the Labrador gets into dry beet pulp pellets. Yeah....
When Hubby got home from work at 7 am day before yesterday, Dublin had pooped in two spots, Hubby said "it looks like coffee grounds!" I said oh no!! The little shit has been eating the beet pulp!!! (sigh) Needless to say I now have a lid on the bucket!!!!!  Always put a lid on the bucket!!! Max would have been in it too, but he is to short to reach in the bucket!!! LOL
I spent two hours shampooing the living room carpet that morning!!


  1. He is a gorgeous. I had to enlarge the picture near the house to see him, but he is really close! You wouldn't really want to eat Bambi's father, would you? : )


  2. Oh my. I'm imagining your carpet . . . .

    (Great post!)

  3. Well Martha, I would have to say, probably. LOL We are hunters and I love venison!!

    Deanna, yeah, at least it wasnt as bad as when they have the sick runs. Basically it was undigested beet pulp, alot of it LOL LOL

  4. Beet pulp makes a huge difference for many of mine as well .They look good , so do the deer


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