Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silver and a trade!!!

Hubby and I went the the Portland, Antiques and collectibles show last Sat. We had fun, lots of stuff to look at. we didnt find anything that we couldnt live without. A lot of stuff that we had, but isnt worth much LOL.  These two pics are the only ones I took, and of course they are a horse stuff!! LOL This absolutely gorgeous silver parade saddle, caught my eye. The Indian head detail! Wow, it is supposed to be one of the rarer silver saddles out there!
 I snuck the pictures, with my Iphone, didnt know it the owner would want me taking pics of it. These old saddles are so beautiful, especially in person. When I was a kid growing up the neighbor lady had her husbands old silver parade saddle in her basement. We used to ask her to go down and see it! She passed away, I never knew what happened to that saddle. Her husbands name is Jim Croswell and he rode an Appaloosa stud named Polar Star in the '60's. She had a display case full of his ribbons and trophies. Wonderful daydream memories for a little girl. (Maybe thats where I got my love of Appaloosas?
The tappaderos on the saddle were solid silver with the Indian head on them too. You could tell this is very old when you looked close at it. You can see a head on the saddle horn too.
Its one of those things "If you have to ask, you cant afford it" LOL LOL

We are making a trade!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!  I currently have a 1992 Circle J, 4 horse slant load trailer with a full tack room in front. Well Meghan was talking to a gal at work, and her sister has been trying to find someone to trade her trailer with for over a year. I still cant believe it!!! Hers is a 2000 Thuro-Bilt, 2 horse slant load, with the full dressing room! We are going to do a straight across trade!!!! Wooo Hoooo!!
I do not need a 4 horse trailer anymore! I have been going through trailers on the internet and its really hard to find anyone that wants to trade to one that big! I left the ad she had posted in the garage, I went out to find it and no piece of paper anywhere, hmmmm. If I find it I will post the picture!!! (Hubby is sleeping, working graveyard shift, so I will ask him when he gets up!!!!
I cant wait to put my fat butt Appy into our new trailer and go ride!!! ( it is an extra wide and tall, with oversize axles, etc.) I am so happy, we are going to go do the paperwork on Saturday!!!
The only thing wrong with mine is it needs new tires, and the floor in the back needs to be replaced. She said they have rebuilt a few so that didnt bother them at all! It has a little surface rust but no cancer at all!!!
Hers has some surface rust and scratches on the back door, and a few other little things.
I am happy!!!!

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  1. Wow! That saddle is incredible! I've never seen so much bling on a saddle before. Can't imagine keeping it tarnish-free is an easy job, though.

    Congrats on the trailer deal. I had no idea folks would be open to swapping bigger for smaller....usually it seems to be the other way around. It's a great way to get what you want without having to exchange money...a rare thing these days.



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