Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking for a new horse....

Ha ha, not me! LOL
But my friend Carol.
This little mare is up at my Sister in-laws boarding and lesson barn. Her name is Jazzy and she is a Rocky Mountain horse. Jazzy will be 5 in Feb.  Carol is looking for her next and probably, last riding horse. As she freely admits!! and should be proud of, she is 67, this year! She wants something gaited that will be easy on her back. Carol rode her in the arena, and Jazzy offered up several different gaits!!! even though Carol doesnt know yet how to keep her in them. And we dont think Jazzy has been taught to gait properly yet. Its awesome that she is doing it naturally!!! She offered a running walk, another gait where she stepped under more and lifted her front feet more, she also trotted, paced (oops lol) and she cantered. So we seen two gaits, the pace I do not think is desirable, I want to do some more reading on the gaits of Rockys.

 Carol rode her all over the back yard too, and introduced her to the goats, which she has not met before. She just stared at them! She seems to be a very quiet, level headed girl. She gives her feet willingly too.
She had not been ridden in 2-3 months, took the saddle and cinching quietly to.
Jazzy is a pretty Silver Dapple or Chocolate color. I did advise Carol to have her vet checked, as Chocolate Rockys can have an inherited eye disease, that is found only in heterozygous chocolates.
I am hoping that they well make a good match. It sure seems so, so far!!! The mare was really good for Carol and she is a people loving horse too! Also she was really easy to handle from the ground, and very respectful of space. Carol is taking her daughter up to see Jazzy. I was proud of Carol, she got on and put her through her paces, with a little encouragement! LOL Carol also admits that she has been riding since she was 12 years old, but has never had a formal lesson. She needs a few lessons and she will be just fine!! She wants to find a gaited horse, trainer.
I dont know what she has decided yet. I will let you all know!!


  1. Jazzy is very pretty and I hope it works out for them!!

  2. Ok, now I feel silly...I have never heard of a Rocky Mountain horse, as a breed. I am going to have to google that one. I consider myself fairy (and I use that term lightly) up on the breeds of horses. She is really a beautiful horse. I am a sucker for the dark with the flaxen mane. Very pretty, I hope it works out for Carol.

    On a side note, you mentioned that your sister in law had a lesson barn, is that fairly close? Maybe you could shoot me an e-mail and we could talk more.

  3. I'm visiting new blogs today for the first time, so i also thought id wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. And i hope that the day is spent generating positive memories for years to come. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. she sure is a pretty little thing! Hope it works out

  5. Yes Mary, my sister in laws barn is in Washougal.
    I couldnt find your email. mine is, send me a message and I will give you the info.
    They are a small private barn, so none of the big drama that there can be in big barns.

  6. Amish stories, thanks for visiting!!!

  7. Fern valley and Paint girl, I think she is really cute too, and her personality is great. I really hope it works out for Carol too.

  8. She is super cute! I hope she passes her vet check with flying colors!

  9. A wonderful gaited horse with a good temperament is worth its weight in gold!

    What a beauty of a horse. Love the colors and the mane!

  10. She is lovely. I love the coloring on the Rocky Mountain horses, especially the chocolate with flaxen mane/tail.
    Rocky Mountain Horses are known for being people friendly, calm and laid back. My friends, Dan and Betty (Dan and Betty's Blog) have a Rocky Mountain Horse mare they bought several years ago. They also have an Icelandic gelding, so when they get into their gaits (Tolt and Rack) they really move out!
    Rocky Mountain Horses don't have to be taught how to rack or single gait, though. They should be born with that ability and should just move into it naturally. And yeah, pacing is not desirable in this breed.

    How exciting for your friend!


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