Friday, August 27, 2010

Snapshots of a Wedding.

Freinds of ours that we went to school with, found each other after our 20th class reunion, and they just got married recently. So happy for them to finally find each other after all these years. They also have the cutest little boy, but you will see....

We got there and the BBQ was a going! Smelled wonderful. Old freinds, and classmates were doing the BBQing, along with everyones family, and close freinds. It was a really good time and so good to see everyone.

The groom waiting for his bride. His Mom owns the property and this wonderful building, where all these festivities were held. The building used to be a tavern, way out in the country, I remember my Dads country music band playing music there when I was a kid. Our graduating class also had our 5 year class reunion here. It now is only rented out for private partys.

Most of these people, I went to grade school and High school with! I think it is amazing that we would all come together for old freinds getting hitched! Pretty cool too.
My Dad and Hubby talking before the ceremony. There were paper lamp lights in the trees and a fire pit and of course beverages! I love my man, the first time I remember meeting him, we were in the 7th grade! Our class didnt get together a 25 year reunion this year, but this Wedding came close! LOL LOL
The beautiful Bride, and her Dad and little brother walking her up.

They had wonderful vows for each other, it was a really touching ceremony.
This is bubbles!! Little bubble wands and birdseed were given out to throw over the couple.

The couple, now Mr. and Mrs. S.

They have a two year old little boy, Porter. He is the cutest thing! And all boy! He is having fun here dumping birdseed on Dads head, he thought it was really funny.

Little Master Porter, LOL he doesnt hold still long enough to get photos of him! See the water bottles and dirt behind him?
Well I got a really cute picture of him making mud pies in his tuxedo! LOL LOL

This place is so cool inside, lots of decorating and collectibles. Here is a series of pics of inside the building.                  This is behind the bar, a finished and stained, wood top bar, I remember when they built it!
The chandeliers are Mason jars, really very cool!

Here is that hand finished bar top. I really cant remember how long that this place has been here, I am guessing 30-35 years? Wow I am getting old LOL LOL

The walkway up to the front door. There were cute little saying on each of the hearts, about the wedding couple.
There are even old antiques and stuff outside. This is a view into the back yard, from the parking area.
And through the gate, on the other side of this group of trees, is where the ceremony was.
Cant forget the cake! It was pretty cute.
And taking off of the garter! LOL LOL They did the toast and the cake ceremony too, my pics were to dark.
There was a live band.
And dancing, the really cute black and white checkered dance floor. All in all it was a great time, great people and good food too!!

Thank you Pat and Maria, for letting all of us share in your special day. It was great fun.


  1. Wonderful! ANd what a great story, and reason for you all to get together again

  2. I love wedding and brides and happy beginnings.

  3. Awww, that's so sweet! Their boy is adorable making mud pies, lol. And that bar is beautiful!! Love the mason jar lights, that's a great idea :)


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