Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cabellas, post #2

Upstairs was incredible! Hunting hunting hunting!

Bighorn Sheep

We ate at the cafe. My picture of the menu didnt turn out, all the walking had me a little shaky so my pics were blurry. Anyway, we both had and Elk Braat, yum yum, and split an order of fries. Yes I am weird I love Ketchup with my sauerkraut, LOL LOL.

Things to come!

A lot of the mounts were set up in scenes.

The full sized airplane, from the second level, and the stairs if you are so inclined to climb them, LOL.


A whole sea of C A M O! LOL LOL

This is zooming in clear across the store, from the cafe! Whats to come in here! We were pretty excited.

They have a whole BBQ and camping and outdoor cooking section. I liked this propane, stove/oven! boy would that have been cool when we were camping in our great big Army tent.

There is a huge Arcade with laser guns to shoot to your hearts content! Coin operated of course.

So many beautiful mounts! Nope, I do not find them sad or scary or disturbing at all! In fact I think they honor the animal that was harvested. We have two deer, head mounts in our living room.

And a sea of guns for sale, OMG this is the longest gun sales counter I have ever seen!!

Just about anything you may want in firearms!

Except what was in here! OMG again WOW, these are the pricey guns, a lot of them are consignments too and they have a ton of used guns that they sell here. Love the Elephant tusks, I dont know if they were real or not, I am guessing, probably not.

Just a couple of the pistols in one of the cases. Yeah, zoom in and look at those prices, and those were the cheap ones!! The most expensive rifle I seen in here was $27,000.000 Yeah. Pistols and shotguns and rifles, oh my. A gun lovers meca!!! And you must have d e e p pockets!

I thought these little wooden Winchester boxes were cute! They hold a brick of .22 shells.

Another view of the Elk mounts.

Did I say it was cool! I cant believe how many mounts are in here!

And, even an African exhibit!
I believe this is an (African) Elephant LOL LOL

The Rhino was huge, I think it would take 6 of my horses hoof prints to cover one of his!

A Lion fighting a Water Buffalo.

There is a scratch on the Water Buffalos face and blood on the right paw of the Lion

Kudo horns are my favorite.
Well thats all the pics that I took, could have taken much more LOL. Hope you enjoyed our tour.


  1. How very cool! I've always wanted to go to a Cabela's but of course there are none around here! Love all the exhibits, especially the African one since African animals steal my heart (comes from working at the Wildlife Safari with the African Elephants and interacting with giraffe and rhinos and zebra and such!). Great pictures! Kudo are so cool! The elephant tusks I guarantee are fake, owning ivory is illegal and only sold on the black market. Not to mention tusks of that size would sell for millions of dollars! :-D

  2. talked with hubby, and you might just see us in September

  3. FV, got him interested did ya! LOL

  4. It's an amazing place...but like you have to have deep pockets!

  5. I love going to Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops! The taxidermy on display there is INCREDIBLE!

    The scenes they set up are so lifelike.

    I can spend hours in those stores just wandering around.


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