Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guide Dogs for the Blind, Oregon Funday!!! 2010, Post #1.....

Saturday we were up early and left the house at 7:15am, the Guide Dogs Campus is about 45 min. away for us. A stop at Starbucks for Hubbys coffee and my Chai and Greek yogurt, and off we went. The bridge had two lanes closed so we had to go down a street farther north to get to the southbound highway. Traffic was not bad at 7:45am. We made it to Guide Dogs campus at right about 8:30am. The theme this year was Boo"t Scootin Bow Wow" So you will see a lot of folks, and dogs, dressed up western. When we got out of the truck we met up with Pueblo, and his raiser, he is one of the new puppies in our club, and a little sweetie.
 I had an extra bandanna that I gave Pueblo, so he could be stylin too! LOL He is still so little it was so big on him! Dublins fit perfect.

The registration table, we picked up goodies, coupons and stickers and the program book.

Some of the booths that were there. Clubs get to set up and sell stuff as fundraisers. Woodin You, came down for the club this year and set up the booth and will donate a part of the proceeds to the club.

And the booth closer up. Amy and her husband do a beautiful job, they have a really nice booth! They also set up and do the Farmers market in Vancouver.

Amy did these special little stuffed pups with personalized tags, she did one for Dublin!

One of the trainers offered to take a pic of Dublin and I.

We got a couple good ones LOL

Behind me in those pics are these kennels, wow are they fancy! I will say again, these dogs are treated like royalty. They do not want for anything their whole lives!
Here is the inside of one of those kennels that was being used. food dish, toys, bed, and the door to the outside run. A very nice place!

Closeup of the cute decorations that were up on the kennels.

A couple of dogs in training that were out to greet people and one of the trainers, this is at the back of the kennels.

We were able to look up Dublins parents in the breeders info booth. This is his sire, Bingham.

And Dublins Dam, Parkay. She is retired now from breeding and probably living with the people she will be with for the rest of her life. She has a really cute face. I think Dublin looks more like her, he has the same dark eye liner.

After that we went to the opening ceremonies. The folks at the table are a lot of the people in our club.

There was a blind gentleman, with his second guide dog, Will. He gave a wonderful speech, and was very funny. I can remember dog names, but not people LOL.

Here is Will, waiting patiently. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever.

More to come! The Juno, experience, meeting 4 of Dublins siblings, and more!


  1. I love dogs. They are a real gift from heaven. It looked like a good, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Looks like a wonderful Day ! And Will, well I have a soft spotr for goldens as you know

  3. How fun that they chose a Western theme! Looks like a wonderfully organized event. The stuffed Dublin was so cute!
    Did you buy it?


  4. Yes! Lisa, I am going to buy the little Dublin dog from her! They are adorable and so soft.


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